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Internships & volunteers

Are you a student in the area of forest/nature management, architectural engineering, sustainability or animal care and you think you could make an interesting contribution to our project from your field of study? Please contact us, then we will set up an internship plan in consultation with your educational institution, possible for as well shorter or longer time periods.

As you can read under the tab “the project – work in progress” there is a lot to do here! Would you like to come and contribute? Currently, we are able to host up to 6 volunteers. In the barn, we built two double rooms, a bathroom with bathtub that has a view over the veggie garden and a kitchen with lounge area. In summer time, you are also welcome to come camping.
We always work on different tasks from Monday to Friday, from the vegetable garden to construction, animal care or forest management, depending on what has priority in that moment. In case you are specialised in a specific area and/or you would like to develop your skills in a certain field, we would of course gladly make use of this, if it fits in our planning. Besides work we like to enjoy evenings by the campfire, good food and conversation, are you interested in joining us? Please contact us for inquiries and/or to sign up.

Educational walks
Are you curious and would you like to come and have a look around where Antoine tells you everything about the forest and nature? That’s possible! Contact us and let us know with how many people you would like to come.