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The project

Mission & Vision

The main goal of the project is to set an example for a self sustainable living environment for humans, animals and nature. By providing concrete techniques and practices we hope to inspire others to adopt some of these into their own lives. Since its existence, mankind has learnt to live as an integrated part of nature. From this viewpoint we would like to highlight five aspects within the project:

  • Living from the forest
  • Living from agriculture
  • Living with animals
  • Sustainable construction
  • The magic of life

Throughout the development of mankind, these aspects have formed the base of our existence. Knowledge and practices regarding these, have been transferred from generation to generation for ages. Nevertheless, a shift has taken place that often causes economic growth to be more valued than a livable world for everyone to thrive in. It is undeniable that modern times gave us many great innovative technologies in the field of forest maintenance, agriculture, animal care, sustainable construction and comfortable living. However, the basic principles of thriving environments, societies and fulfilled individual lives seem to have been pushed to the background. Nowadays, the products that are offered to us, are often taken for granted. But where these products come from and who is responsible for them, is usually very unclear. Meanwhile, the impact of this attitude becomes more visible everywhere in the world. We all live on mother earth and she naturally provides us with incredible abundance. In a sustainable way, we would like to demonstrate how we can easily contribute to a thriving planet for everyone on it, and how by doing so, we can all create more personal freedom for a fulfilled life.

By wisely making use of the big diversity of soil and different positions of the land, we would like to share how to produce sufficient and diverse food in a sustainable way, preferably by stimulating an increase in biodiversity. How many square meters of vegetable garden is needed for this? How much grain is needed to bake our bread and feed the animals?

Simply put, on the 60 ha of la Resse we are going to create a self sustainable living system with everyone who visits. This way, it becomes tangible again what we truly depend on to live a good life.